Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day


Photos above by Catilo Photography

       We usually think that Valentine’s is just for couples. And I do agree that it’s a great day (or excuse haha) to show our love and affection for our significant other. I can’t wait to celebrate with my husband J (even if our date will be set on another day because we prefer to avoid the crowds hehe).
       But I also think that Valentine’s is a good day to remember other important people in our lives. Like our moms, best friends, or our siblings - especially if they are widowed, alone or still single.
       After all, there are no rules about who we should choose to spend this day with. It is a day to celebrate with the people you love! And that knows no limits J

The girls having fun with Mamita at our Valentine's breakfast this morning :)

The sweet sisters ;)

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