Friday, March 28, 2014

A Breakfast Lover's Happy Place

     I'm a breakfast lover and it is my favorite meal of the day. So when I ate with my family just recently at Early Bird Breakfast Club at its newly opened branch at Century City Mall, Makati I was instantly smitten! I couldn't believe this was the first time I've eaten in this place!!! I've been totally missing out! (Gasp!)
     This resto isn't just a place to satisfy your cravings for breakfast, but their menu serves food that can be enjoyed during lunch or dinner or merienda or dessert! And I just love the ambiance of this place! Their interiors are so pretty and cozy as you will see in our pictures.

Our photos before breakfast came
I love their wall mural, the colors and the interior details!

My husband ordered something new on the menu (steak!) and I had Eggs Benedict
and Fresh Lemon & Lime Juice :)

Audrey had the Early Bird Signature Pancakes and she was very happy with it ;9

We had these awesome selections from their Sweet Sweet Breakfast -
The French Toast Fondue and Yin & Yang Champorado! Both sooo good!

And for the win... These Nutella Banana French Toasties are suuuppper duuuppper yummy!!!
This was Patty's favorite and I can totally see (and taste!) why! I will
definitely be going back to Early Bird Breakfast Club for these!!! :9

Natalie had so much fun eating and playing! (as you can see in these pictures!)
These little early birds found time to relax too haha!

And to cap off our breakfast, we got to try the Oreo Snowflake.
See who else enjoyed trying it! :)

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