Monday, March 24, 2014

Cintai Corito's Garden

      A few weekends ago, we were able to spend the weekend at Cintai Corito's Garden with my in laws. It was a fun and relaxing time, but especially a treat for the girls because of the beautifully landscaped gardens with animals roaming around freely. The grown ups found it equally enjoyable because of the generous serving of delicious dishes and snacks! (Should I clarify that the 'grown ups' mentioned here means moi and fellow foodie Patty? :D hahaha!) But seriously, we all had a good time because of the company and our very spacious and clean Garden Villa amongst all else.
      Do check out our photos below to see more of this interesting place :)

We were greeted by these lovely peacocks upon check in.

I have not seen peacocks with such bright and vivid colors (even in my recent trips to zoos!) I was amazed at how beautiful and well taken care of they looked. I was also surprised to see them fly up to the roof. The peacocks I've encountered before would normally just walk around and strut :D

 Cintai Corito's Garden is Balinese inspired. Cintai is the Indonesian word for Love.

We had lunch outdoors with a rooster roaming around, keeping our girls entertained :)
Their lunch portions were good for sharing and we liked the Asian Roast Beef the most!

A photo of Dad and Natalie before entering our Garden Villa

The Garden Villa was good for 6 persons and had 3 queen beds.
They added a mattress for us and Audrey gladly took over it as her bed for the night :)
Our bathroom was very spacious, well maintained and very clean (definitely a plus!).

The gardens were actually quite hilly so we had a lot of cardio workouts while roaming around the property hehe! These photos were taken on our way to the pool area.

We had so much fun swimming with the Pats that afternoon

We had a swimming lesson face off between Audrey and Ninong Pat :D
Who do you think did better? hehe!

The afternoon wouldn't be complete without merienda after our swim!
Patty and I ordered Suman at Tsokolate (deadly delicious!) and their fresh
popcorn with peanuts, spices and honey! Soooo good!!!
I am missing these two treats already!

My fave photo of Natalie with her Opa enjoying a relaxing afternoon :)

Here are the other parts of the gardens with more Balinese inspired elements.

We had a hearty breakfast the next morning! The portions were so generous that we didn't get to finish everything. And by the way, the coffee was so good :) (it is Batangas after all)

The garden near our villa

Photos with the girls :)

Among the animals found in Corito's Garden were peacocks, horses, eagles,
monkeys, koi fish and deer. Some of them were caged but a lot of them get to roam
around freely and aren't afraid of humans hehe.

This is the Napas Pavilion behind us - there are pavilions around the property which
can be used for different functions.
Here are more photos with the mini horse too hehe! :)

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