Monday, March 31, 2014

The Little Artists

    My daughters have quickly turned into Little Artists. I don't know if they love art just because I love it too. Or because we end up doing arts and crafts more often (because it's easier for mom hehe). Hence, they have no choice but to go along with mom's favorite activity. 
     Hmmm, wait. I take it back. Audrey does have a spot in her heart for arts and crafts. She often asks me if we can do another arts and crafts activity almost every day - be it painting, drawing or making paper animals. She possesses the discipline to work on something for long periods of time. Natalie on the other hand may be what you can call an accidental artist (for now). She just goes along with whatever Audrey and I do. But I am happy to say that I do see her enjoying it a lot. So I wouldn't be surprised if she develops a genuine love for it.
      So to conclude, I think my girls are meant to be artists - just like any other child. They were born to be creative and allowing them to express it in any way they can through art, is a wonderful thing.

My Little Artists!
Natalie has her winning cheesy smile on! :D

Busy painting with watercolor!

Our art wall at home with paintings by both Natalie and Audrey, and
Audrey's art mounted on the canvas.
This is another collection of Audrey's Art on display in this canvas from
last year and the year before. I selected artworks in colors that would go
with our living room pillows :)

A colorful sketch by both girls done on newsprint paper.

The Ballerina Artists!
After painting they started goofing around and posed like
ballerinas for mom! (no coaching here! I got surprised and
was totally amused by their creativity hahaha!)

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