Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Sweetest Thing

      Late last night I was busy working on a deadline. My baby had fallen asleep with her big sis on the extension bed (Translation: a lower bed placed beside our queen bed). She usually falls asleep beside me since I feed her at night, but I had to finish some drawings so she slept on her own.

      At 1am she woke up and seeing that I was nowhere beside her she calls out, “Mama!”. And before I knew it, my little baby had climbed down the bed and was running barefoot towards my work area a couple of feet away. The sleepy little one in her striped pajamas and tousled hair was the cutest image that I saw last night. She called “Mama!” one more time and I just had to get my arms wide open for a welcoming hug! I picked her up and her head rested on my shoulders. She was instantly at ease. And I was in Mama heaven.

       It was the sweetest thing! J  

     These are times when I truly cherish being a mom, despite the hard work. It is moments like these that make me feel loved, needed and appreciated by the little ones that I serve.

     And I just had to write about it J (so I can read it over and over and over again!)

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