Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tips for a First Time Mom

     I've always loved kids. In fact, I too am a child at heart. But before I became a mom, I didn't really have any idea on how to take care of a baby. I could carry them yes, I've even attempted to change my nephew's diaper (with the help of my fellow clueless best friend hehe!), and I can definitely find ways to keep them entertained. But that was about it.
    So you may be wondering why I suddenly seem like an expert in taking care of a baby and a toddler?! Well besides ze motherly instincts, I had a lot of help and input from those who were moms before me. I also got some help from books such as The Baby Book, Revised Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two (Sears Parenting Library)What to Expect the First Year, Second Edition and www.babycenter.com
    Let me share some of the best tips and advice that I received during my baby shower for Audrey from my family & friends, and the ones that I learned by myself along the way. 
    Experience is the best teacher indeed, but not just your very own :) You will need the help of others if you want to know it all! :)

  • Babies are not as fragile as you think (don't be afraid to handle them)
  • Give them lots of hugs and kisses!
  • Breastfeed your baby - he or she will be so much healthier and it's so much cheaper
  • Pick up your baby when she cries. Don't let them cry it out. It's impossible to spoil a baby (spoiled means - left by itself to rot)
  • Co-sleep with your baby. They become more secure individuals and will be more independent eventually (this may not work for all babies though as there are a few who actually prefer to sleep on their own, but all of the parents I know who co-slept with their babies attest to having babies with a happier disposition and ones who slept better). 
  • Feed them fresh food - not canned or preserved. My mom fed me all fresh veggies and fruits - I was a very healthy child and I'm not a picky eater (a theory my mom came up with because she fed my older sis canned baby food and she became very picky. Besides, fresh is always better!)
  • Touch your babies a lot. My mom would massage Audrey and Natalie, rub their backs, and pat them, and they would relax and sleep so soundly after.
  • Make your babies laugh. My mom gets a kick out of this! It's good for your baby and for you! (and for grandma!)
  • When they're fussing it could be that: 
        a. they're hungry
        b. have a dirty or wet diaper
        c. feeling cold 
        d. need socks on their feet
        e. gassy and need to be burped
        f. want to be carried
        g. bored (better get some entertainment ready! toys & rattles will come in handy)
        h. needs attention (put down your phone, stop staring at your laptop, and give baby 
            some much needed quality time! this stage won't last very long - she will be 
            hanging out with her little buddies in no time)
  • To relieve gassiness try the following:
        a. massage manzanilla or warm oil on tummy
        b. do bicycling motion with baby's legs
        c. do an inverted U massage known as the "i love you" massage on baby's tummy
        d. always burp the baby after a feeding (there were times that I would actually     
            forget this hehe - sleep-deprived mommy!)
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps. Get as much sleep as you can especially right after giving birth. You'll need it for faster recovery and for taking care of your baby well.
  • Don't let baby's head get cold outside during nighttime (go use that cute beanie)
  • Use cotton balls and water to clean their diaper area (I do agree with this and use wipes sparingly especially at home. It's cheaper and more natural. Once baby gets bigger and easier to handle, you can just wash their diaper area in the sink - this is especially better for boys who may be harder to clean with cotton balls during a poopie disaster!)
  • Train daddy so he can help you take care of baby :)

These were cards that I made for my baby shower for Audrey.
We let our family and friends write their tips on it for us! :)

Your love for your baby will give you the strength that you need.

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