Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Audrey and Me

       Almost two years ago now (when I was exactly 4 months pregnant with Natalie), Audrey and I had a photo shoot with our photographer friend Krissy. Audrey also met her very first pet - Daisy the bunny :) See our lovely mother and daughter moments captured on film.

20-month old Audrey!

"Audrey, meet Daisy!" :)

Krissy gave Daisy to Audrey and we took her home with us after the shoot :) 
Audrey fondly called her 'babbit' :)

Our bunny loved lettuce leaves!

Check out Daisy looking straight at the camera hehe

Got a bit tired playing and had a bite of some refreshing watermelon!

Reading Audrey's favorite books

We're at it again after recharging!

This one's my favorite! Looks familiar huh? ;)

Photos by Little People Lifestyle Photography

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