Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Best Friends Are We

      Whenever people learn that Audrey and Natalie are only two years apart, I would get this comment every now and then:

      "Either they will be the best of friends or the worst enemies."

       Of course I am hoping and praying (and believing!) that it will be the first - that they will be the best of friends. And even though I see them fight over a toy from time to time, I also am happy to say that they are very sweet towards each other oftentimes. I see Audrey genuinely caring for her little sis, and Natalie showing love for her through affectionate gestures. As their mom, I am definitely going to keep praying for them to have a wonderful and loving relationship with each other until they grow old. I would want nothing more.


I enjoy watching these two girls play, talk (yes, believe it or not haha),
sing, dance, paint, draw, goof around and walk hand in hand!

Exploring is so much more fun with someone! 

Love! :)