Thursday, April 10, 2014

Design Magazine Features: Real Living & Condo Living

   While I was pregnant with Natalie, I had two other babies to take care of --- home design projects for two ladies who are good friends and completed the decor of their homes with their own personal touch. I am happy to share that they were featured in two different design magazines and now serves as an inspiration to others.
   Real Living Magazine features the interiors of the house that I designed for Gigi Gonzales-Uson and her family - one of my favorite clients ever :) Working with them was the most pleasant and stress-free experience I've had while designing and building a house. It was truly a blessing especially since I was expecting a baby during our most crucial design stages. But it went by smoothly and so did the construction stage. Here are a few pages from Real Living magazine's April 2014 issue.

The Living Area and Foyer

The Dining Area

The Kitchen

Nooks and Details 

        More details of Gigi and Mario Uson's house are shown in the magazine. You can get a lot of DIY design tips and ideas if you get to grab a copy :) There are also a lot of other featured homes that are just as beautiful and interesting.

        Condo Living Magazine featured my in-laws' Patty and Patrick's abode. We had to renovate their loft area to fit in the spaces that they needed and to create a more modern look. I remember finishing the project close to Natalie's due date and because the Pats were easy to work with, helping them out was fun and hassle free :)
         Here are some photos from the magazine.

The adjacent Living and Dining Space

The Loft Bedroom

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