Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Paper Plate Piggies

      It's late at night (or early in the morning), and while browsing through my files I came across these photos of the girls taken while they were doing our Arts and Crafts activities last month - and they just brought a smile to my face. 
      I've been busy with work again and my other blog posts are still hanging in the air, awaiting completion. But now I can't help but post this entry. I just had to. If you have kids and want to do an activity with them, this might help give you ideas. And if you don't have kids yet, I think the girls' photos might entertain you at the very least. I sure hope they will! :)

The very happy Crafters are ready for the challenge!

The Inspiration!
Audrey suggested we make some piggies so I had to find
a visual inspiration to help us out. This is a page from Sandra Boynton's
book Moo Baa La La La

The Materials:
Paper plates (left over from Natalie's birthday party last year), colored construction paper,
wiggle eyes (from a crafts set given to us as a gift), glue, scissors, masking tape,
yarn or string, popsicle sticks, stapler, ribbons, Japanese paper
(optional: for the pig's clothing should you decide to dress it up ;) )

Cut out colored paper: triangles for the ears, an oval for the nose,
and get small round pieces of paper for nose holes from a puncher ;)
Use the yarn or string for the mouth. Glue them all!

Ready with their paper plates!

I love it when they're this happy and funny ;D

The Paper Plate Piggies!
On the left is Natalie's piggy - which I actually made because by the time I was
helping her stick the wiggly eyes, she decided she wanted to do something else hehe!
On the right is Audrey's piggy - she stuck the ears, nose, nose holes and placed
the eyes a little closer together because she says this is a baby piggy. It was
quite cute that our piggies looked a bit different from each other :)
She also wanted to put popsicle stick legs on her piggy so I helped her tape
them on the back of the plate. The head and body were stapled together
and we added satin ribbons to dress them up.

Meanwhile, Natalie kept smiling for the camera! :D
Natalie's piggy resting in bed
Audrey's piggy in pink!
Our inspiration wore stripey pajamas but I suggested we make
a pink nightgown instead and added another ribbon ;)
'Twas a whole lot of fun working on these with the girls! :)

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