Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Fling

        If there was a party that I wouldn't want to miss ever, it would be this! The Spring Fling event put together by Patty Laurel, Kelly Misa and Alessandra Lanot was an awesome way to celebrate what their blogs were all about --- food, fashion and crafts. And because I love and appreciate all of these, I can't tell you enough how much fun I had! :)

The lovely girls of #SpringFlingPH

Part of the reason why I was looking forward to Spring Fling was that it was
going to be held at Early Bird Breakfast Club, one of my favorite restos! ;) 

A lot of pretty ladies were invited to this event ;) And speaking of events, Spring Fling came to life because of our wonderful events coordinator friend Marge Montemayor together with Kakee Tingzon of Events By Marge.
The TSO girls Bea Marquez and Jaresa Felipe were also there to capture moments on film ;)

Kelly talked about fashion trends for summer, Patty gave each of us beach
blankets by Lagu and Rissa Mananquil Trillo gave Happy Skin personalized
makeup kits for each of the guests :) Wait, it gets better!

All the foodies rejoiced because the Early Bird Breakfast Club gave us
samplers of Patty's favorite dishes in their menu!!! :9

Clockwise from left: French Toast Fondue, Nutella Banana French Toasties (my favorite!),
Yin & Yang Champorado (another favorite!), Poached Salmon Aioli and
Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup.
Everything was sooooooo good!!! 

Took a photo with Rica's phone before starting the Craft Session! I then realized that
I hardly took my own photos because I was too busy sampling the food and
checking out the awesome giveaways! haha! Thanks Rica for posting this on your IG :)
And thanks Patty, Alessa and Chris Clemente for sharing your photos too!

We had to do Brush Calligraphy and I'm telling you, it isn't as easy as it looks!
There's a special technique that you need to master and it will take practice,
practice and more practice ;)

We were asked to write our favorite quote using a brush calligraphy pen
and the colored Sharpie markers... and we were only given 10 minutes to
complete our work! Pressure!!! hahaha!

I was fortunate enough to be picked as one of the top 3! :) yahoo!!!
I got to take home a set of colored Sharpie markers (which I really wanted! haha!)
Rica and Cat were the lucky raffle winners - taking home a Cagliari
cappucino machine and coffee (I really love this Italian coffee brand!) and
a 3-in-1 Canon pixma printer! But I'm not complaining! hehe :) :)

More photos of the lucky ones!

My girls came by with their dad to pick me up already... but I begged
to stay a few more minutes haha! Who wouldn't?! They had fun too :)

We each got one of these cute Joan & Klaire tote bags

Clockwise from left: We got these cute Early Bird Breakfast Club mini blank notebooks, Tresemme
and Pond's products, Happy Skin lip gloss, blush, eyeliners and liquid foundation and La Tercera kimonos

These were all the goodies that I got to take home with me!!!
L'Indochine gave us an embroidered pouch, Guess gave us towels, Lulu Swing
gave us sandals and personalized the packaging too, Icon Eyewear gave away sunglasses,
Goody gave accessories and although not in the photos because they've made
their way into my tummy (hehe) - My Little Buttercup gave us yummy cupcakes and
Pipino Vegetarian gave a take home bag with Taro Chips,
Vegan Oatmeal Choco Chip Cookies, and pasta sauces! 

Now isn't that totally awesome??! :)
Yup, I really think so :)

Thank you again Patty, Kelly and Alessa!!! :)

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