Monday, May 5, 2014

Amazingly Cool Style: Gwen Stacy

     So I finally got to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2 with my husband! It's been ages since we got to watch a movie together in the cinemas! (DVD's are the way to go!). And even though the Director's Club in the SM Malls were quite pricey, it was worth it because the reclining seats were so comfy! (and there's free popcorn too). The only downside was that there was a table in between me and my husband so I couldn't bug him while watching hehe (no cuddling time too!) Oh well. 
     Now you may be wondering why this mommy blog is suddenly talking about fashion right? I'm certainly no fashion guru, and I won't pretend to be one - but I certainly like stylish looks and cute outfits. So give me a chance :) (and consider this post mama's me time! haha!)
      I just couldn't help but adore Gwen Stacy's outfits in the movie! Her character is certainly easy to love - she's smart, witty and has a great sense of style! And it helped that Emma Stone herself collaborated with their costume designer on these looks. She's certainly one of my favorite style icons (and definitely deserves a post about her personal style! that's next on my list ;) ). Here are photos of her fashionable wardrobe in the movie.

This blue jacket paired with a printed blouse, a pale green beanie and orchid shoes
caught me by surprise. If you've seen the movie, you'll remember that she was
wearing it while the camera was at an aerial view. Those shoes kind of popped
out (at least for me) and it was an interesting look!

I just loooove this blazer! It makes her look so smart and chic. 
I actually love all the colors and textures in most of Gwen's outfits, this included. 
(Check out those socks!)

I wish I found more photos of this scene in Oscorp. 
Her jacket in this shade of pink is just lovely!

This outfit was also a welcome surprise for me. I love how they combined
these colors together. I mean, a mint green peacoat with a violet themed inner ensemble? 
I wouldn't have thought of that haha! (told you I'm no fashion guru, but I do have some
fashion sense ok :) haha!) I also don't happen to be a Spiderman comic book
reader so I also had no idea that this outfit was actually based on it (mint
green and all). But what I do love about this is the style of the coat, the 
pattern of her blouse and the texture of her stockings, and of course the
knee high boots!

Let's take a closer look at what's inside that mint green peacoat!
Love this button down patterned top and the pleated skirt!
Everything just went together somehow!

This casual night time look was also a winner. I love this
pale pink coat with the blue scarf and ankle boots. I guess
all I can do is adore all these outfits because living in a 
tropical country just won't allow me to wear them! (or
I'll melt! especially with the temperature nowadays haha!)

All images above from the web (literally)

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