Friday, May 16, 2014

Breastfeeding Fashion

     I find that breastfeeding or nursing clothes are quite expensive. I'm not exactly sure why they have to be. After all, they're pretty similar to most clothing styles for women. There are a lot of regular clothes that can meet the criteria for easy breastfeeding. All you have to do is check, fit and pull here and there and you'll be able to tell if the outfit will work. At least that's what I do ;)

    All you need is to be creative and know which style works when breastfeeding. The main points to remember are:

    1. Baby has easy access
    2. You won't need to take off everything in order to feed baby (because breastfeeding in public is most likely going to happen)
    3. You feel comfortable
    4. It has to make you feel good and confident

Here are some of my favorite breastfeeding styles:

1. No Fail: Strapless 
    Whether it be a mini, midi or maxi strapless dress or a simple top, this works well all the time! Just match with a strapless bandeau or bra.

2. Easy Access: V-neck
    A v-neck top in the form of a wrap around dress or blouse is also good for breastfeeding. Just make sure it is deep enough that it's easy to pull when it's time to feed baby.

3. Pull a Fast One: Cowl Neck
    A cowl neck top or dress in a stretchy material is always a nice staple in your breastfeeding wardrobe because a little pulling here and there and baby can drink to her heart's content!

4. Work It: Button Down
    A classic button down polo or blouse always works especially for working moms who have to feed baby and then attend a meeting shortly after (based on personal experience haha!). 

5. Cover Up in Style
    Even though most outfits listed above are comfortable and easy to breastfeed with, I along with most moms would agree to using a nursing cover for modesty and comfort while feeding. Scarves can be a fashionable and useful breastfeeding cover alternative. I've found myself using my scarves for cover whenever I forget to bring my nursing cover and it does the job pretty well!

    I actually have not bought a single outfit or top specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers. I just rummage through my closet or go to my favorite stores and look for something suitable. So far it has worked for me and these styles are still fashionable even after you're done breastfeeding :)

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