Thursday, May 8, 2014

Don't Drag Your Feet

      Do you believe we can learn a whole lot from our kids? I do. Every day I learn. Every night I look back at my day. And every time I collect my thoughts I am reminded that my kids have shown me something that I can change about myself - again.
      This learning process can be humbling. But it is also very, very good. I would rather learn from the youngest and most precious teachers in my life, rather than through painful and humiliating experiences.

       It still amazes me how my 19-month old can pick up instructions so easily. Even instructions that aren't necessarily directed towards her. 
      "Please pack away," I say to Audrey and even before she so much as moves her body towards the area concerned, little Natalie has already gone there and is picking up and putting away the blocks, papers or toys. How awesome is that? We've noticed this about her sometime after she turned one. Our baby must have bionic ears! Or just a helpful heart. 
      She's so efficient that she even puts me to shame! (Now the pressure is on to move move move whenever a task needs to be completed!) There's simply no room for dilly-dallying when even my little baby is capable of picking up instructions and following them right away. And instructions meant for someone else at that!
     Sometimes, she does things voluntarily like handing over Audrey's clothes when she's done with her bath. Or she pushes the dining chair closer to me during times when I ask Audrey to come over to my side so I can help her eat. Even when I'm just looking for something in particular and happened to wonder about it aloud, she responds immediately! You will either see her looking for the object along with me or be surprised that she's handing it over because she found it already!
      How she became this way, I'm not entirely sure. But I am definitely thankful and amazed at this wonderful character trait that she possesses. Again, even adults like me are learning from her. 
     How many times do we put off things that are asked of us? Or purposely delay doing them? Maybe we're busy. Or tired. Or lazy. Or maybe we just don't want to do it. If we just did things right away with a good attitude, instead of procrastinating, we'll be able to achieve more. And if we did things even without being asked, so much more can be accomplished. 
    If we applied this principle to our daily tasks, our work, our relationships and especially to our faith, then we will begin to see change and the results that we are hoping for. Procrastinating was never a good idea. Responding without delay always is.
"I will hasten and not delay to obey your commands." 
                                                        - Psalm 119:60 NIV

"I was up at once, didn’t drag my feet, was quick to follow your orders."
                                                                     - Psalm 119:60 The Message

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