Sunday, May 25, 2014

Make Your Own Pizza

      Before you read any further, it would be good for you to know that this is me, Audrey 'speaking' :) My mom thought I would enjoy talking about pizza for this post because it is my favorite food to eat! :9 Whenever we're out, I would always ask mom and dad if we could have pizza for lunch or dinner! 
      So I was excited when Tita Patty told us that Project Pie had invited our whole family over for lunch! Mom said we could make our own pizza in this restaurant (but not the dough! I guess they don't want us to make a mess? haha!) - we get to choose the toppings and flavors for our pizza and that sounded so good and yummy! I couldn't wait! :)

Here I am placing my order with Tita Patty ;)

Look how happy Nalie and I are! We absolutely love pizza! :)
Oma, Opa and Lolo JJ were with us too!

This is the dessert pizza! It had strawberry, mango and nutella! Yum!

Check out Natalie's grin! (she's my fellow pizza monster)

Mama loved the banana, cinnamon, sugar and nutella dessert pizza!

Do we look crazy for pizza or what?! :D

Do check out Project Pie! Get those creative chef juices flowing and mix together ingredients 
for your very own pizza satisfaction! It's fun for the whole family! :)

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