Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Broadwater Parklands

    One of my favorite places to go to at the Gold Coast was the Broadwater Parklands. Our host and family friend from the area kept telling us to visit it because it was really fun for families with very young kids. So when we finally went, I was able to see why.
     The parklands was a sprawling land with lots of open spaces, picnic areas, playgrounds, bike paths and my favorite - the Rockpools. And it was right by the beach too. How I wish we had something like this back home! 

To the Rockpools!

I love how child friendly this place was! It was a water playground with sloping
grounds, fountains and areas to lounge around in.

Audrey enjoying the rockpools!

We went back here around 3x within two weeks. Wish we could've gone more!

The whole family enjoyed the pools and hot sun!

Being silly! Check out Natalie's expressions haha!

Water fountain fun!

The girls and the other kids there for that matter, just couldn't get enough!

Relaxing by the turf!

Natalie loved watching and playing with the birds in the park!

Audrey clearly loved it here ;)

As the sun was starting to set, we walked around the parklands and took over
this stage! The girls had so much fun!

Open spaces, grills, picnic tables and a cafe.

    These public spaces are great places to spend time with family. We were also able to visit the South Bank Parklands in the city of Brisbane, but this one remains to be our favorite :)

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