Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What We've Been Up To

     The past two weeks have been very busy (and quite crazy) for me. As preparation for Audrey's coming entry to preschool, we've been doing summer home school. To be honest, it's been more of a challenge for me more than anyone else, including Audrey. She's been more than willing to be my student and would gladly trade TV watching for learning time at our little home school. We set up their room as our classroom and she always looks forward to going to class every morning after she and Natalie have eaten breakfast and taken a bath. 
     I on the other hand have had to wake up extra early, consistently, ever since we started so that we can meet our schedule for the day. This has not been a walk in the park - because of the word CONSISTENTLY. I have no problem waking up early, especially if I was able to sleep early the night before. But doing this every single day is not easy. I used to do it so I could work on my projects, have more me time and quiet time (and hopefully squeeze in exercise) - but adding preparations for class, breakfast and having the girls wake up early as well is just hard (our housekeeper comes in at 8am so I do whatever needs to be done prior to that time). I now have less hours in the morning to do what I would like to do for myself and for work.
      But I am hoping that I'll get the hang of it and squeeze in more time for work (and this only means I need to wake up extra extra early because there's just not enough time anymore). I also have to factor in time for interruptions during the day, meetings on some days, errands, time with my husband and rest (yes it's pretty tiring!). What a challenge!
      Here are some photos of preparations prior to beginning summer home school. Will post other photos of what we did and are learning for Audrey's age group. Natalie was a willing participant in our class so hopefully she was picking up quite a lot of stuff too :)

We prepared our caboodles and shoe boxes for class!
We use it to store items for arts and crafts, musical instruments, manipulatives,
books and other learning materials. The plastic shoe boxes are for sorting exercises.
I asked Audrey and Natalie to wipe and dry them after we had them washed
and cleaned. They were very willing and had fun helping out!
Toddlers are natural born helpers so this activity is actually enjoyable for
them and it's an opportunity to teach them responsibilities and the
value of helping out at home.

Natalie had fun playing with the shoe boxes ;)

Before these boxes were used for what they were intended to
be for, they first became a chair, a boat, a picnic table and a
building! Kids' imaginations can be quite creative so I let them
play and pretend to their hearts' content ;)

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