Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's In a Name?

    When I was a little girl, I always loved pretending to be a teacher. I liked the idea of writing on a blackboard, checking test papers, and teaching non-existent students ;D. Now that dream has come to life! haha! I may be an architect by profession, but I'm now officially Teacher Mom, as Audrey fondly calls me :)
    And because I am not really a pro at teaching (and only have the heart for it), I made sure that I would be able to come up with a good lesson plan for Audrey's summer home school by asking those who know. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by great preschool teachers all around! My two sisters in law have been preschool teachers, and I have a number of preschool teacher friends. They have all given me very useful tips in preparing Audrey for her first time in school this year. I put together all the information that they gave me and did some online research as well. I then prepared all the materials needed prior to 'summer home school' so it would be legit! We even have a regular schedule for class and an ID that we made hehe!

    They all told me to start by teaching Audrey her NAME because it has the most meaning for her. Audrey has already known how to spell her name for quite some time but for this summer, we have been practicing how to write it - in all caps because she's still just starting (small letters will come later). 
    I printed out some worksheets which I got online and would also write the letters in dots for her to trace. Will give more tips on that on my next post about Handwriting :) And for those of you who want to teach your kids at home too, just remember to make it fun and keep these 2 words in mind: NO PRESSURE! :) :) haha! Kids love to learn but being impatient or forcing them to do something that they don't want to do will make them lose interest.

Audrey knows the letters of her name by heart but I put that to the test by
First - making her write it, and Second - by having her identify things that
start with the letters! We looked for objects around our house that started with
each letter (i.e. an umbrella needs to be placed under the letter U) and so far she
aced my test! hehe! Good to know that she knows her letters :)

The happy student was more than willing to pose for pics!

My other student :) She knows how to say Audrey by now :) 

Our writing table

Our practice exercises include writing vertical and horizontal lines and
curves on lined paper.

Here's Audrey tracing her name so she can get used to writing
the letters and knowing the proper strokes.

      Teaching a child how to write her name may sound simple to us adults, but it takes time and effort. I actually found it a bit challenging to make Audrey write her name prior to summer home school. There were times when she would be willing, and more times when she wasn't. But thanks to the suggestion of my sis in law Mic, which is to make her 'sign in' for class every morning, it became easy to have her practice writing her name. I didn't need to convince her - it worked! :) Audrey now makes writing or 'signing in' her name part of our every day routine. Class doesn't start without it! :)

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