Friday, June 20, 2014

Simple Joys

     So proud of Audrey today J She woke up extra early and told me she was hungry while I was at my work station (which we fondly call The Workshop). I took her favorite breakfast out – porridge (this batch made up of organic barley and green lentils), which she sprinkled with ground flax seeds and granolas before pouring some milk. Plus she had some grapes on the side.
    She then started eating away and I asked to be excused as I needed to get back to the workshop (inside the room) and finish some drawings. My independent little schoolgirl can be left to eat on her own for some time now, and I am happy that she doesn’t mind eating by herself in the dining room as well. This allowed me some more time to work while Natalie was fast asleep.
    When my husband came out, he saw that Audrey was done and had put away her bowls, her cup of water and even put the milk back in the fridge. J This amazed me! I know this may be a trivial thing for most people or other moms, but I just felt a great sense of fulfillment. My 3 year old is growing up and is aware of responsibilities around the house. I would always remind our girls that even if we have a housekeeper, tidying up and packing away should not be expected of her all the time. We all have to do our part – however small. I am so glad that this reminder every now and then has been remembered.
   What’s even better to hear was that when my husband asked Audrey why she cleared the table even without being asked is because she learned it from Mama J Music to my ears! Hehe!


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