Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Adventurous We

     Once upon a time, before we were called mama and dada, my husband and I went on quite a number of exciting adventures ;) Now it doesn't mean that we're not willing to try something daring and fun nowadays - we are just a bit more limited due to time constraints, budget concerns and lack of babysitters! And no, age is not an issue either - ha! After all, it is just a number! (defensive hehehe) Now really, if we had the opportunity and resources to travel more and explore new things and places, we would take it. But for now, here's proof that we were the adventurous twosome not so long ago! ;)

White Water Rafting!

        While staying at Rotorua, New Zealand's popular geothermal hot spot (you can actually smell the sulfur when you're here) and home to many adventure filled activities, my husband unknowingly booked us for a White Water Rafting experience in the Kaituna River that we will never forget. This river has the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world and more than a dozen drops! He only learned about this after our hotel receptionist told him this 'not so important' piece of information after he already paid. He then looked at me slightly worried but we just laughed and decided to go ahead with it. We're only in New Zealand once in a while so we might as well try it! hahaha!

        We then rode a bus (included in our booking with Kaitiaki Adventures) the next day along with other fellow adventurers (mostly student backpackers from all over the world). We were able to talk to some of them and we learned that they would do odd jobs like pick watermelons in order to earn some money to fund their travels while in New Zealand (citizens of certain nationalities are allowed to work while on holiday here). 

        Not long after we arrived at our destination - the famous Kaituna River, home of the 7 meter high Tutea Falls! I couldn't tell then if the butterflies in my stomach were because I was excited or nervous! Maybe both haha! 

        After gearing up we headed towards the river. Our rafting guide made me go into the raft first, but he slowly rowed away and made all the guys jump into the cold water to catch us! haha! The group that my husband and I were assigned to had two bulky guys and one who was as slim if not slimmer than my other half. I had to be placed beside the biggest guy so as to balance out the weight in the raft. We were given our paddles and told to hang on for dear life once the ride gets rough... and it really did!

One of the drops!
I actually fell out of the raft in one of them and wow, swimming in a
wild river like this one was no joke! I couldn't quite get back on the raft because of
the current and our guide had to pull me out of the water (using my life jacket)!

The water was soo cold and clean!

This was the 7m drop but it didn't look like it in this photo
(only felt like it! haha)

Now you still see us...

Now you don't... we were immersed in all that water!

And then we're out! (you can't even see me in this photo haha)

My red sleeves are finally showing and my husband
is emerging out of the water at last!

We all made it in one piece!

We came from way up there! (by the trees)
Now it looks more like 7 meters high without the camera's zoom :D

The survivors!
This was one of the most adventurous and fun-filled activities
I've done in my life! ;) So happy my husband and I decided to go for it!

Not so daring but quite adventurous too - we decided to try
Quad Biking in Taupo as we were driving towards Rotorua.
My husband just saw a sign and said that maybe we should check it out.
These spur of the moment decisions were part of the fun experience!

The beautiful view while we were in the bike trail

Can you spot us??
My husband and I had the bike trail all to ourselves
(sans guide too! he was far away busy taking our photo :D)

I even had a bit of an accident while on the trail. I swerved on one of the curves a little bit too fast and my
quad bike toppled to the side! It was too heavy for me to push up so I had to wait for my husband to
realize that I was no longer trailing after him because there was NO ONE else there to help! yikes! hehe!
I had no radio or phone either so I just took my time and waited.
A few minutes later, as expected, I saw my husband running back on the trail hehehe (it's hard
to drive the quad bike backwards - it's definitely faster to walk or run!)

At the Zorb! (Still in Rotorua)

We chose the Hydra Zorb - with water inside so you end
up sliding everywhere while it rolls! Super fun!!!

Happy Zorb first timers!

The Zorb guy assisting us sure knows how to jump!
He must've had a lot of practice! ;)

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