Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Counting and Sorting

    Although it may seem as if counting is pretty easy to grasp, it isn't so when it comes to young minds. It takes practice and the use of more than one of your senses to understand this concept fully. 
     We may think that if our kids can count from 1 to 10 easily, that they do know how to count... but we won't really know that until we put it to the test by making them count objects one by one :)
Here are my students! Ready and happy! ;)

My teaching materials for counting:
plastic shoe boxes and index cards, plus toy blocks

     We can teach our children to count not just by rote (which is by repetition or memorization) but by helping them use actual objects to match numbers. What I did for Audrey was prepare shoe boxes (plastic ones - if I had used carton shoe boxes, Natalie would just sit and stand on them and they'll be useless in no time!), index cards which I wrote the numbers 1 to 10 on, and toy blocks.

For the first two weeks of summer, we practiced mastering numbers 1 to 5. In the next two weeks, we added numbers 6 to 10. The girls had fun using different colored blocks as the objects for them to count - although I was really teaching Audrey, Natalie joined in and we let her of course :) It was fun for the sisters!

The first five numbers were a breeze! But not so with 6 to 10! The confusion began when there were a lot of blocks to count. Sometimes counting through speech was quicker than counting with hands! :P But this didn't faze us, we kept practicing until Audrey got every number right :)

We also did some sorting exercises with the same blocks.
We didn't just count but sort the objects by shape or color :)

Learning how to count is fun! :)

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