Friday, July 18, 2014

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

     I have been wanting to post these photos for quite some time - believe me haha. I apologize though for posting pictures that are somewhat 'old' rather than recent. What I really wish for is just to document most, if not all of our trips and travels as a family - and this blog let's me do just that. I actually look at my collection of travel posts from time to time and I see how my girls and our family has grown - and how much fun we had on our trips. This really serves as my online journal and I'm glad I have a place to put photos and write about experiences we had. 
     And as I was shortlisting pictures for this entry, I realized that my girls have grown so much so fast. I really should be posting sooner than later! Audrey's hair is now much longer and Natalie is also much bigger! (And as for me, I hope I have also lost more mommy weight by this time hahaha!) 
     The photos below were from our Australian trip last year and it was fun visiting the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. My husband and I do enjoy visiting zoos and aquariums, even as a couple, but it's even more fun now with the kids because they get so fascinated by the different types of animals that they see. It's always a worthwhile and fun visit.

Deciding on where to go first.

Why walk when you can ride the train? haha! :D

Koala bears!
I remember 'koala' being one of Natalie's first words! :)

Ahh, the majestic peacock.

And one of my favorites - the red panda!
(yes, as in Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda!)

Natalie didn't look as scared hehehe!

And if that were a real giant spider, I wouldn't even be there!!!

And finally, the kangaroos! One looks like he's ready to jump at the camera!

The roos were all in a huge open space and visitors can roam around by their side

Up close!

I love how the sun shone on these creatures that afternoon.

 Can't get enough of these kangaroos! :)

We met up with the Pats who were also exploring the sanctuary
before heading back home! :)

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