Saturday, July 19, 2014

Family Traditions by Little People

     Ah yes, I know what you're thinking - family pictures again??! :) That's what Dad says to Mom whenever she mentions to us that it would be nice to take our family photos! But I think it is a good idea! It's great to capture all of these moments especially when you have talented photographer Titas to take them for you ;) 
      Our photos below were taken by Tita Krissy of Little People Lifestyle Photography last December (Hence, my shorter hair and Natalie's single tooth heehee!). Our theme for this photo shoot was Family Traditions (especially during Christmas season), so you will see what goes on in our home during the holidays. The exception here is playing, reading and goofing around because we love to do that all year long! :)

Natalie and I love playing in this tent!


Hula hooping!

Yup, that's the tooth I was telling you about!
Now she not only has one up there, but four! :P

Christmas in July! Come to think of it, 5 more months
and it's actually Christmas once again!

Natalie loves the lights on our tree!

And she loves playing tunnel with Dada's legs!

Decorating the tree is something that we look forward to! We helped
Mom put together our Rainbow Christmas Tree last year :)

Opening gifts in our pajamas!

We usually open gifts after all the busyness of family gatherings and dinners.
It's our way of unwinding and spending time together as a family - and wearing
our comfy jammies makes it more relaxing haha!

Playing with Dad!

Mmmm... hot chocolate!

Somebody wants some!

We sing songs together a lot of times! (not just during Christmas!)

And reading is one of our favorite things to do, especially before bedtime! :)

Mama and Dada look funny here! heeheehee!
They were trying to call Natalie and stop her from doing something...
I just can't remember what it was because I wasn't really looking! hahaha!

Having  a few laughs!
Natalie's a funny baby sister!

Goofing around is the best! :D

That was fun indeed! I think we should take more family
photos soon. I'm on Mom's side on this one heehee! :)

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