Saturday, August 16, 2014

Audrey's 4th

     Another year, another birthday. How time flies... but I already knew that. All I can do is seize this moment and celebrate my daughter as best I can. Soon she will be venturing life on her own... but not so fast! I still want to hold onto her like she was the baby that I once carried in my arms - so dependent and so small. And so I do for now :)

    This year I asked Audrey what she wanted to do for her birthday (and yes, my husband and I had some 'suggestions' which she gladly chose from ;) hehe). We opted to celebrate her special day with her classmates in school the day before and with her cousins today, her birthday.
     As with most celebrations, we zeroed in on a theme - and Doc McStuffins was this year's winner! It was quite fun to plan and I tried to make it both creative yet uncomplicated (for me at least!). Check out our pics :)

Birthday girl Audrey smiling for the camera wearing none other than her Doc McStuffins shirt 
that Dada bought for her during one of his trips!

The sisters share sweet hugs! This always makes me smile :)
(Check out Natalie peeking at the treats!)

Here are the giveaway boxes for Audrey's classmates and cousins. We placed toy shaped pasta pieces 
with bolognese sauce, crazy straws, colored utensils, cookies and krispies inside! 
Oh, and I made Doc McStuffins name labels for each of them! :)

The birthday cake! :)

Cupcakes in our color theme!

Band aid cookies with a heart! These were pretty yummy!

Audrey's special request - Ice Cream cake pops and Popsicles (rice krispies)
with rainbow sprinkles!

Our little big girl!

Another shot with a different head angle hehe

Audrey in school! :)
She was pretty happy with her birthday celebration!

Thank you to Michelle Teves of Coco Cakes for making Audrey's birthday cake and treats! :)

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