Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Potty Training Challenge: Look Who's Training Who

     With the challenge that we faced while potty training Audrey, it's good to have it easier with Natalie.
     We got a pleasant surprise a couple of days ago when Natalie kept insisting that we put her in the potty because she needed to make a "weewee" (with her finger pointing at the potty and a stressed look in her face). This little one meant business and she made no secret of it!

     We have actually been putting her on the potty from time to time since a couple of months back - to give her a feel of how it is and to slowly make her comfortable with using it. It wasn't hard to convince her because she would see Audrey using the potty all the time on her own. Audrey would place her potty seat on top of the adult potty and use a stepping stool to reach it and sit. Sometimes when we're in a bit of a rush, we just help Audrey by carrying her and little sis will follow in the bathroom, get the stepping stool, and place it underneath the potty to make sure Audrey can go down from it on her own (now that's what I call teamwork!). 

     Unlike the problem we encountered in the past, which was regressing from what we had already achieved (big sis wanted to be like little newborn sis), this time we had the right order of things: little sis wanted to be exactly like big sis. She wanted to use the potty just because Audrey always did and was basically a pro at it ;)

      This meant we skipped these two steps altogether:

     1. Convincing her that using the potty is good and necessary, by all means (and basically trying to entertain her to make her stay put if she agrees to sit)
    2. Making her get used to sitting on the mini potty (like making her sit on it even if nothing is going to come out until the time when she's comfortable enough to start using it on her own - this is actually good because we won't have to throw anything into the big potty from the mini potty and clean up! eew)

      So because of Natalie's desire to be just like Audrey, she's practically potty training herself! hehehe! I must admit, I wasn't really intending on beginning formal potty training just yet - after all, Natalie is only 22 months old and I didn't want to rush her. But she was more than willing to start using the potty and sit on the potty seat whenever she felt the urge. Now of course we are still working on 'number 2' (poopie!), but so far, she knew when she needed to pee and would be able to tell us before it came out. We just put her in the potty regularly - in the morning after waking up, before bathing and anytime she feels like peeing. And when she's finished, she'll just tell me, "Duh!" (meaning done! :D)

      I can't tell you what a relief this is! A willing trainee makes it sooo much easier for the trainers! We are still in the process of completing this training though, please don't rush us (and by us I mean mom and dad haha!). We still put Natalie in diapers (to avoid getting our bed and floors wet and dirty and this will most likely happen at this point) and will probably do so for the next few months until we are absolutely confident that Natalie is an expert already! :)
      I am just thankful that potty training wasn't so difficult this time around!

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