Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pic Stitch Photos in 3 Words

    Ever since I switched phones, I've been using and enjoying this app called Pic Stitch quite tremendously :) During times when I want to share photos and can't decide which one to post, this app solves my problem by allowing me to make a collage so I can put the pics all together in one layout.

    Here is a collection of my photos with descriptions in three words - there's quite a lot (and more that I didn't post!). I just want to be able to look back at these and laugh or smile! :) (and if I can't help it, will just have to comment under the photos below hehehe).

The Spaghetti Slurper

Apple Sandwich Monster
         As you can see, I like taking photos of the girls while they eat! This is 
    because I get a lot of happy and funny faces when they're chomping away! :9

Nighttime Baby Acrobatics

          My toddler is in that stage - of fighting sleep and trying to stay awake 
even when she is already actually sleepy! This is just one of the many antics 
that she pulls while she's trying her best not to sleep!

Giggling Over Lunch

Fun at School

The Waiting Game

Natalie and I always bring and pick up Audrey from school. It's a good thing 
there's a big garden and playground there so waiting can be more fun!

Rainy Night Outfit

It's fun to dress up girls and even more fun when they want to be matching with mom! hehe! We actually had 
a pair of brown suede boots for Natalie which she wore for a couple of minutes before she kicked them off her 
feet and asked for her rubber shoes hahaha! Well at least she didn't ask us to take out her star leggings! ;)

Family Circus Act

The girls had so much fun goofing around with their dad! This went on for a while in the restaurant we 
were in (I was getting take out!) and they actually had a few amused spectators (besides moi!) ;P

Oopsie Badoopsie Natalie

This little girl always has a lot of laughing pictures! I just keep shooting 
away that's why I end up with many of these collages! :)

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist commenting under the photos... so much for just 3 words haha!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gold Coast Video

      It's been a year since we went on a family trip to the Gold Coast in Australia. How I wish I was there again - the weather at this time of year is just perfect. I also just realized that I haven't posted our video here yet! (After a series of posts full of photos of the Gold Coast a couple of months back). 
      This mini movie was made by my brother in law, Patrick and it makes for good memories. Hooray for pictures AND videos! :)
     Check out our cameo - with Audrey and Natalie in supporting roles hehehehe! :D And don't forget to bask in the beauty and fun of being in the Gold Coast as you will see here ;) 

Friday, October 10, 2014

House Visit

     As an architect by profession, the completion of my projects always brings joy and fulfillment. And being able to visit these projects, especially the residential ones after they are done and being lived in is part of the fun! 
     I usually take photos of my projects for my portfolio so when I asked my client if it is ok to go one afternoon with the girls, we took the opportunity. It was a beautiful and sunny day so the  lighting was perfect. It was also the day before Audrey's birthday then. 
We used earth tones for this contemporary house.
As you can see, my girls loved it and felt right at home :) 

(The whole photo of the exterior isn't posted here to protect my client's privacy ;) )

My client wanted to have just enough space for the living and dining (which spills
over to the lanai through sliding doors), but a generous area for the black and white themed kitchen.

My client was a natural at decorating her home. She chose all of these furniture
and accessories to complete the look that we were going for. 

The high ceiling by the living area and stairs makes the house look
bigger than it is. This is a feature that I usually put in most of my
residential projects.

This house was featured in Real Living Magazine a couple of months ago :)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

To Try or To Wait

      Because I had my first child a couple of years (4 to be exact) after getting married, I would from time to time be asked if we had actually planned it that way or if we had trouble conceiving. It's probably because: 

    a) Most people here expect you to start a family right after getting married, so if you 
        don't, they assume something must be wrong
    b) It is common for couples nowadays to be faced with difficulty conceiving like never 

     For us, the answer was: We really decided to wait. And I'm glad that despite waiting on purpose for quite some time, we were blessed with Audrey a few months after trying (and with Natalie without really planning hehe).
      My husband and I basically wanted to enjoy the honeymoon stage and travel to many different places before the kids came. We agreed that we will start trying when we are both ready. It's a good thing our timelines are in sync.
     And if you're a newlywed couple, you are probably asking yourselves if you should already try getting pregnant or if you should wait. 
     Making a decision to try or to wait is a crucial one. For me, the number one factor in deciding whether to have children or wait a while is this: Your Reproductive Health
     A few years ago I would have said: Whenever You Are Both Ready. Because that was our deciding factor and it worked fine. 
     But you might be wondering about the change of heart. Well, because of so many factors affecting conception nowadays, it is important for us to make sure that we are completely healthy before we decide on holding off on starting a family. I have friends who have missed this opportunity because of health issues that appeared unexpectedly. And some that are still trying after many years.
     While it is great to enjoy the honeymoon stage or traveling around the world, the joy of having children is a wonderful and extra special experience as well, and quite like no other - as we have witnessed ourselves. Of course there are other important factors to consider like finances, but this is not quite as crucial as health. You can always find ways to save and budget your money if you choose to start a family, (and this should ideally be part of what you prepare for before getting married) but good health is essential for a couple to bear children and cannot be taken for granted. There may be other unavoidable factors keeping you from having children at the moment, but this reminder is mainly for those who can start a family with nothing holding them back except uncertainty.

     If you are a woman, just remember that time and age can be your friend or foe. We all know that we have a biological clock and we won't know how easy or hard it is to conceive unless we try. So besides having optimum reproductive health, we also have to consider our age.
     So if you aren't sure of how you'll do, my advice is - just don't wait too long. You can put most things on hold for a while, but having children is only good until a certain age - how I wish that there was no deadline for us, women but it was just how we were designed. Unfortunately, if we miss that moment in time there's no more turning back. 
     So if you are married and have this opportunity, please take hold of it. Children are a blessing, not a burden!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Most Important Work

         When I saw this quote online, I couldn't help but smile (and feel relieved). Here I am feeling a bit guilty for not being able to work more, blog more, clean my house more... all because I spend more time with my kids. We play, we read books (lots and lots!), we even do laundry together (they're my hardworking assistants hehe, they love sorting and putting clothes in the washing machine!), and all this coupled with the "everyday essentials" of bathing, feeding and bringing to and picking up from school. The list never ends and it gets repeated every day. 
       I'm glad to be reminded that my children are indeed my MOST IMPORTANT work. The investment I make in their lives by spending time with them and showing how much they matter will go much farther and have greater rewards than any gift I can give or living in the cleanest house there is (which will get dirty and messy again by the way! and no, this is not an excuse, it's true! hahaha!) :D
       So if you ever get to read this in the future, my dear Audrey and Natalie, you should know that you are the best work assignment and project I've ever had! Nothing beats my job as your mom ;)