Friday, October 10, 2014

House Visit

     As an architect by profession, the completion of my projects always brings joy and fulfillment. And being able to visit these projects, especially the residential ones after they are done and being lived in is part of the fun! 
     I usually take photos of my projects for my portfolio so when I asked my client if it is ok to go one afternoon with the girls, we took the opportunity. It was a beautiful and sunny day so the  lighting was perfect. It was also the day before Audrey's birthday then. 
We used earth tones for this contemporary house.
As you can see, my girls loved it and felt right at home :) 

(The whole photo of the exterior isn't posted here to protect my client's privacy ;) )

My client wanted to have just enough space for the living and dining (which spills
over to the lanai through sliding doors), but a generous area for the black and white themed kitchen.

My client was a natural at decorating her home. She chose all of these furniture
and accessories to complete the look that we were going for. 

The high ceiling by the living area and stairs makes the house look
bigger than it is. This is a feature that I usually put in most of my
residential projects.

This house was featured in Real Living Magazine a couple of months ago :)

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