Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Most Important Work

         When I saw this quote online, I couldn't help but smile (and feel relieved). Here I am feeling a bit guilty for not being able to work more, blog more, clean my house more... all because I spend more time with my kids. We play, we read books (lots and lots!), we even do laundry together (they're my hardworking assistants hehe, they love sorting and putting clothes in the washing machine!), and all this coupled with the "everyday essentials" of bathing, feeding and bringing to and picking up from school. The list never ends and it gets repeated every day. 
       I'm glad to be reminded that my children are indeed my MOST IMPORTANT work. The investment I make in their lives by spending time with them and showing how much they matter will go much farther and have greater rewards than any gift I can give or living in the cleanest house there is (which will get dirty and messy again by the way! and no, this is not an excuse, it's true! hahaha!) :D
       So if you ever get to read this in the future, my dear Audrey and Natalie, you should know that you are the best work assignment and project I've ever had! Nothing beats my job as your mom ;) 

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