Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pic Stitch Photos in 3 Words

    Ever since I switched phones, I've been using and enjoying this app called Pic Stitch quite tremendously :) During times when I want to share photos and can't decide which one to post, this app solves my problem by allowing me to make a collage so I can put the pics all together in one layout.

    Here is a collection of my photos with descriptions in three words - there's quite a lot (and more that I didn't post!). I just want to be able to look back at these and laugh or smile! :) (and if I can't help it, will just have to comment under the photos below hehehe).

The Spaghetti Slurper

Apple Sandwich Monster
         As you can see, I like taking photos of the girls while they eat! This is 
    because I get a lot of happy and funny faces when they're chomping away! :9

Nighttime Baby Acrobatics

          My toddler is in that stage - of fighting sleep and trying to stay awake 
even when she is already actually sleepy! This is just one of the many antics 
that she pulls while she's trying her best not to sleep!

Giggling Over Lunch

Fun at School

The Waiting Game

Natalie and I always bring and pick up Audrey from school. It's a good thing 
there's a big garden and playground there so waiting can be more fun!

Rainy Night Outfit

It's fun to dress up girls and even more fun when they want to be matching with mom! hehe! We actually had 
a pair of brown suede boots for Natalie which she wore for a couple of minutes before she kicked them off her 
feet and asked for her rubber shoes hahaha! Well at least she didn't ask us to take out her star leggings! ;)

Family Circus Act

The girls had so much fun goofing around with their dad! This went on for a while in the restaurant we 
were in (I was getting take out!) and they actually had a few amused spectators (besides moi!) ;P

Oopsie Badoopsie Natalie

This little girl always has a lot of laughing pictures! I just keep shooting 
away that's why I end up with many of these collages! :)

I knew I wouldn't be able to resist commenting under the photos... so much for just 3 words haha!

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