Friday, November 14, 2014

Natalie's Safari

     My youngest one just turned two last September. And though she's officially a toddler (and really has been for a while haha!), I still call her my baby :) 
    This year, our theme for her birthday was a Safari! Natalie loves animals and specializes in copying their sounds! She's our resident baby lion! She makes a roaring sound each and every time we ask her to scare our friends hahaha! (they do get scared by the way, but will break into a smile after. Mission accomplished hehe).
     Here are some photos of her birthday and our small celebration with family and the neighborhood kids :)
Upon waking up, my husband showed Natalie the backdrop that I prepared for her party.
I love her smile and funny reactions! She was giggling with her dad upon seeing the
paper lion and monkey!

Labor of Love + Stress Therapy
For some reason, doing arts and crafts just helps me relax and forget about
life's stresses. I made leaf cutouts in two shades of green for a jungle feel and
printed out Natalie's Safari on paper! (there are some things that are
better printed than drawn haha! I was out of time so I just designed the
labels and printed them on my trusty ink jet printer)
And thank you to Mommy Bing of Carnival Party Supplies for pumping air into 

the animal print balloons! She saved me from blowing air into them myself hahaha!

The Fun DIY Crafts
These animals are my babies hehe! I just cut out pieces of colored
construction paper (which we always have stocks of for arts and crafts)
put the shapes together, and hoped they looked like safari animals!
I chose Natalie's favorites - the Lion (of course), the Monkey,
the Elephant and the Zebra!

The Dessert and Snacks Table
I love putting together dessert buffet tables! In keeping with the theme, I just
used small plants that we already had at home as part of the decor, fresh fruits and a collection of books that were animal or safari-related. The colorful book covers
brought the table to life! Not bad for a DIY and no budget backdrop hehe!

Cake Pops and Rice Krispies
Our little party wouldn't be complete without a bit of sweet treats! hehe!
I had Michelle of Coco Cakes make us some animal cake pops and animal print 

rice krispies and they were yummy! :9

The Cake
We ordered this oh so scrumptious Coffee Crunch Cake from Shortcrust along
Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque and had them place random sugar confetti
and Natalie's name in front (which slowly slid down as it got warmer!).
We opted to get this cake because it was our (Mama's and Dada's and now the girls' too) 

favorite!!! I tell you - it is super duper delicious and comes with the crunchy sugar thingy  
(I can't remember what they call it really, but it's so perfect with the cake)
It goes so well with coffee (as expected haha) and I got the safari animal sugar
toppers from Shortcrust as well. Natalie loved them! ;)

The birthday celebrant in her safari explorer inspired outfit!

Monkey-ing Around
Audrey and Natalie gamely posed for pictures and started goofing around too :D

The family with Natalie ;)

Pin the Tail on the Monkey
We actually had room for games! I made a bigger monkey craft and cut out
different colored monkey tails for the kids to stick. They had so much fun haha!
The kiddos during the game ;)

And finally, the blowing of the birthday candles! :)
Happy Birthday Sweetie! 

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