Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free In My Skin by Physiogel

Natalie's photo by Catilo Photography

      If there's one product that I would recommend to moms for their newborns and young ones, it would be Physiogel. To be honest with you, I only discovered Physiogel for the first time when I saw them use it on newborn Audrey at Asian Hospital. It was during our "How to Give Your Baby a Bath Lesson" at the Huggery! (At around 5am too! Couldn't forget that haha!). Needless to say, that early morning "bathing" lesson was very useful (I actually remembered the proper steps when it came time to give Audrey a bath at home). I was also glad that they sent us the rest of the leftover Physiogel Cleanser when we checked out so of course it was what we used from then on.
     I was really happy with it especially because it was very gentle, preservative-free and had no fragrance. It was perfect for newborns. I ended up buying more of the cleanser which came with a pump so it was easier and more convenient to use. When Natalie was born in the same hospital, they used Physiogel again and this time we were ready with our stash once it ran out. We got them in bulk from S&R, but they are also available in drug stores.

      But the cleanser isn't just what we use for both girls. My pediatrician actually recommended the Physiogel Cream when we noticed that Audrey had some eczema-like dry spots on some parts of her body. The cream moisturized and relieved her skin from itching. We then topped off the cream with the Physiogel lotion so her skin would be protected from more dryness until it eventually healed. If your skin is excessively dry, try their AI Lotion (anti-irritant) and Intensive Cream - which is really good especially when you're traveling and visiting a place with cold and dry weather. 
      What's good about Physiogel is that it's gentle enough for babies and kids, but also effective for adults. I use the cleanser for my face, as well as the cream (it doesn't clog your pores!) and the lotion too after bathing to lock in moisture. My husband also likes using the cleanser. So it's basically a product that you can use for the whole family :)

Audrey and her Physiogel cream! ;)

Thank you to my sister-in-law Patty for nominating me as one of
her Mom-spirations and sending me my own Physiogel package! :)

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