Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm Still Here

   It's been so long since I wrote here. I've actually missed writing and  somehow I am convinced that there's been some sort of a void in my life since. There's been an unexpected empty spot that can only be filled by jotting down my thoughts and putting together words that become cohesive sentences. It's my way of de-stressing. Maybe that's why I've been thinking about when I could write again. And to think I have drafts and drafts of unfinished entries. Ugh. Why didn't I just finish them? Sometimes I just want everything to be perfect by my standards, if not almost perfect. And that takes time. And if I'm not inspired, I don't write. And when I'm doing too many things, I can't write. 
    Life can get so busy that there's not enough hours in my day to accommodate everything that I want to do. I've to give up some to give way to others. I've been so caught up with the usual things and people that I love! (A good thing if you ask me!) But I've also been focusing on a project that needed a lot of attention.  Soon though I can let up and relax. I can finally go back to the blogging grind and hopefully help some of you somehow (with mommy stuff or whatever stuff ;) ) So until then, I hope you can come back from time to time. Because I'll just be here. I still am.