Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun Memories

   It's been a while... I've definitely missed posting on this blog. I'm still working on a couple of posts, but in the meantime I just wanted to share family photos which we took last December. And yes, I'm a sucker for pictures! :D I love looking back at my family and kids' photos - and I keep getting amazed at how much we've all grown (or not haha... always hoping that the remaining baby weight on me won't be here to stay forever). 
    Our photographer for this session was Bea Marquez together with Kaki Tingzon, both wonderful women who the girls loved working with. And special mention goes to Bea's two younger sisters Anna and Andrea, who were so game at helping and whom Audrey and Natalie loved playing with! :) An all girls' team was responsible for these lovely photos! Hope you love them as much as we do ;)

I was so happy to see this photo with Natalie smiling and keeping still! :D

Sneaking behind Audrey!

A tight squeeze for daddy!

We actually took these family photos mainly for our Christmas e-greetings - I painted this Merry Christmas
sign that morning only because I forgot about it :o Talk about cramming!!!
Good thing the paint dried up in time and didn't get ruined in transit hehe!

A couple shot while the kids were busy playing in the playground! ;)

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  1. Hi Ms. Cecil, beautiful family photos and the two lovely little girls are so adorable. Please do blog often, i missed reading your blog entries. Such an inspiration of a hands on mom. God Bless! :-)