Monday, March 9, 2015

Go With the Flow

     For the last couple of months, I've been caught up with work - specifically with one of my favorite projects which left me hardly any time for other things that I used to be able to squeeze into my already crazy day. I must say though, this is one project that I don't mind getting busy with. And you'll see why in the photos below ;)

      Let me tell you a little something about this project first:

This is a perspective of my design for Flowhouse Manila. It is the first installment of this franchise from the US, here in our country. It is located within Seasons Mall, along Molino Blvd in Cavite which is a 20-30 minute drive 
from the Alabang area via Daang Hari Road. The Flowrider has been operational since December, which is when 
the photos below were taken. We are currently in the finishing stages of the whole Flowhouse site and will be 
having the grand launch on March 28, 2015. It will be open to the public by April 1. So close already! 

The Flowrider


Riding the Waves!
You can flowboard or body board in the Flowrider. Either way it's fun!!!

The Cute Spectators!
We brought the whole family and kiddos along! Even though the site itself was barely
finished (and I mean with bare concrete as of this time haha), we all had fun!
The grownups rode the waves while the kids played and hung out. 
     Here are some videos that we took while I was bodyboarding and while my husband was flowboarding and looking cool while doing it (thanks to my slo-mo video haha!). ;)

    So if you're a board sports enthusiast, or are just willing to give flowboarding a try - you might just want to drop by Flowhouse Manila as soon as it opens this summer. Riding the waves can get pretty addicting! :)

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