Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Signs of Pregnancy

     Pregnant already? Or still uncertain? Before we get to the nitty gritty of pregnancy checklists, how can you tell if you actually are expecting? 

Signs of Pregnancy

1. Missed period - This is the most obvious, especially if you have a regular monthly cycle. A pregnancy test more often than not will confirm your suspicions. And when you get a positive result, you can pay your ob-gyne a visit just to validate your discovery.

2. Fatigue and sleepiness - This one's my telltale sign. I am not a sleepyhead by nature (hehe!) so when I end up napping in the middle of the day because I feel so fatigued and tired, it gets me thinking. With Audrey I thought I was just coming down with something, and with my period being only a few days late, I didn't really suspect anything at the time. But with Natalie, it happened to me again and I got suspicious that time around haha.

3. Implantation bleeding - When you think you're getting your period but only see drops or it suddenly stops (and you know something happened a few weeks ago), then it's possible that you are experiencing implantation bleeding. I had this with Natalie - I thought that I had my monthly period because it happened the week I was expecting it, but it was very weak and stopped a day after. I asked my doctor friend about it and with all the other symptoms I had, plus sudden bright red bleeding a couple of days later (which isn't exactly a good thing), I definitely had to go to the doc for a checkup.

4. Nausea - Some women don't experience nausea until their 6th week (like in my case and in most pregnant moms). But there are a few who actually start feeling dizzy early enough into the pregnancy.

5. Sensitivity to odors - As if nausea wasn't bad enough in itself, you now have to deal with sensitivity to odors which could contribute to feeling nauseous as well. Whether that smell is good, bad or has to do with food, our noses are working overtime when pregnant. 

6. Feeling bloated and sensitive - As with getting your monthly period, pregnancy can make your breasts feel extra sensitive. This sign though should only be considered together with most of the above, because it could also happen right before you get your period ;)

7. More frequent trips to the bathroom - Since the kidneys are working overtime during pregnancy, expecting moms will feel the need to pee more often than usual! Args! What a hassle right? This is one of the signs that I don't really look forward to (besides nausea) haha. And when your tummy gets bigger, the uterus puts more pressure on your bladder and yes, causing even more trips to the bathroom even in the middle of the night.

    A combination of these signs, especially with item no. 1 almost assures you that you are expecting. But it's always best to see your doctor just to confirm the pregnancy 100% :)