Thursday, May 14, 2015


    My birthday celebration in February was a good excuse for a trip to Boracay. We haven't gone back since 2011, which was coincidentally Audrey's first out of town trip that required a plane ride. We had booked this trip a few months prior to make sure we got a good deal with the airfare and accommodations. And for us, a trip to the beach is always a good idea :)

On the boat heading to Boracay Island

The view from the top of Discovery Shores at Station 1

This foot wash was welcomed warmly by this little one! She immediately claimed
that she had dirty feet upon seeing that a foot soak and scrub was due! :D

So happy to start our family vacation!

At the kids' activity room

The kids' activity the afternoon that we arrived was popping water balloons!

The beautiful sunset along White Beach

So glad Audrey agreed to go paddle boarding with me!

We took photos in the middle of the sea ;)

While we were away, Natalie built sandcastles!

Frolicking in the pool with Dad!

These girls enjoyed collecting seashells!

About to take a quick dip

We enjoyed our time at Puka Beach, just lounging around and eating under a nipa hut.
The beach was cleaner too because there were no green algae floating around the shore :S

On our last night my husband and I had our dinner date by the beach :)
We booked the hotel babysitter to watch Audrey and Natalie while we ate.
Afterwards, we had them join us and the restaurant surprised me
with a post-birthday treat - sparklers and dessert! :)

One last sandcastle building session before we leave

Sigh! Wish our view was like this all the time!

Apparently, this little one didn't want to leave too :D haha!
Can't really blame her!

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