Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Live for the Moment

    How many times have you chosen practicality over experience? Let me rephrase that... How many times have you foregone making memories because of the cost? 
   Oh! In no way am I suggesting going overboard in spending to gain some experiences... I'm merely asking you to think about whether you would rather save some money than make someone smile for a moment in time. 
    Flowers wilt. Trips end. But the memories stay. 
    For years I have seen a bouquet of flowers bring joy to my mom's heart. No, the flowers don't live long enough to tell the tale, but the happiness it brings at that moment in time is precious. I've forgotten the cost, but not the heartfelt thanks and appreciation each bouquet brings. I have no regrets spending on those countless bouquets to this day. 
    And what about trips? Traveling for me means unforgettable stories. Beautiful sights. Knowledge gained. Food tasted. Cultures absorbed. It's a shame that it usually costs quite a lot to travel, but for me it's no waste of money. In fact, I consider it an investment. There's just a vast amount of learning and growth that can happen when you travel the world. I think traveling ignites creativity and inspires you to become a better version of yourself. 
    Now I'm a mom and traveling has taken a new turn. I still love it. I still wish to go to more places, but now it costs even more. But given the opportunity, I would go where my heart and wallet can take me. Most people would say, wait till your kids are older before going here or there so they'll remember it. And my answer? But I'll remember it. I'll remember their smiles, their laughter, the fun, the memories. Yes, the memories. The memories are for them yes, but they're also for me. I think life is too short to wait for later opportunities if you have the chance now. Besides, what are photos or videos for, but to recapture all of those moments you wish could last longer but can only happen at that moment in time - and to tell the story to your young ones when they are older. 
     Aah. Yes. You guessed right. I would much rather live for the moment than lose the opportunity that once was. Money spent can be earned again, but the chance to make memories can pass you by. Age, life, opportunity - they change and they don't last - they're temporary. So live life to the full and seize the opportunities before you so you can make lasting memories with those you love.

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