Friday, May 8, 2015

The Bond Called Children

    I was just thinking about how much fun I had talking to my husband about our children. There are just a lot of stories to tell of how funny and smart our kids are (in our opinion ;) haha). And this joy is only truly shared by the both of us, at a level that we both understand. They are ours. Made up of us. It’s truly amazing how each child is made up in our image and likeness. This reminds me of God and His relationship with us. We are His children, made in His image and likeness. No wonder He loves us so much. Parenthood really makes you understand God the Father like never before. It is a window through His eyes. We experience a kind of love that is so profound and extraordinary.
   We can go to extreme lengths and depths just to show our love and provide protection for our children. We delight in them. Our hearts applaud with their appreciation of our efforts. Their successes are our triumphs. We can pinpoint most of their characteristics back to us. We take pride in being called their parents. We want nothing but the best. And everyday we rejoice in the new things - both simple and great things. Our heart breaks when they disobey. We are saddened when they misbehave. We are overjoyed when they do the things we ask of them willingly and voluntarily.
   These experiences that we have with our children that bring us joy, laughter, awe, disappointments and a roller coaster of emotions - these are things that enrich our relationship with our significant other. What a blessing it truly is to share this together.

Photo by Bea Marquez

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