Monday, May 25, 2015

The Lemonade Stand

      The idea of making a Lemonade Stand actually started as a suggestion from my husband. I knew the girls would love it and this immediately became one of our targeted summer home school activities. 
      Once my schedule cleared up, we started with the search for the stand materials. I wanted it to be as simple and cheap as possible, so I got a fruit crate from the market and it cost us fifteen bucks! Not bad at all. Next, we asked for help from our community maintenance staff and they helped us find leftover plywood. We used this for the tabletop, signage and supports and they put it together for us pretty well with the few and simple instructions that I gave :) So happy with the way it turned out.
       It's a good thing we also had leftover paint! The yellow we used was from our kitchen accent wall, and the powder blue is also from our bedroom wall. The pastel colors made a great combination! 
      The banderitas were made up of used construction paper for the backing (to make it a bit heavier) and wrapper retazos as well. I chose ones in yellow, white, baby blue with a bit of pink. Perfect! :) The girls loved these colors as well. Audrey suggested that I use our fuschia pink poster paint for writing the Lemonade sign ;)

The girls wanted to check the status of the construction so we all went outside even
in the heat of the day! They're holding a collection of our pegs for the stand.
They wanted it to be pink and white but unfortunately, we didn't have leftover
pink or white paint! Oh well!

Natalie's "rawr" face / hungry face!
After this photo was taken, we went inside.... for merienda! :D

Here is our Lemonade Stand!
We were so happy with the way it turned out!
Other signages were still in the making when this photo was taken ;)

This is our lemonade staaaand! :)
The girls play with it at home (when there are no ongoing sales haha!) and
put their cash register, wooden bowls and baking toys so we can pretend
that this is their little store.

Want to buy? :)

Natalie likes to make funny faces in pictures, as evidenced by this one :D

Kids' Street Food!
At last we took out our Lemonade Stand to join the other kids from our community!
The grown ups had so much fun buying snacks from the kiddos! There was a lot to choose from
like hotdogs, turon, vanilla ice cream, popsicles and our cupcakes and lemonade ;)

Vanilla cupcakes and lemonade!
The girls helped me bake the cupcakes and they taste-tested the juice! ;)

The traveling lemonade stand!
It fits in the back of our van perfectly ;)

The girls sold lemonade at their grandparents' house during their Oma's birthday.
We had happy customers and good business that day! haha! ;)

Thank you Tita Dhey for lending us your juice dispensers! :)

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