Monday, June 8, 2015

Flow House Manila

    Summer is practically over! Sigh! But before you bid it goodbye, I suggest you go check out Flow House Manila. Even if the hot sun turns into cloudy or rainy days, the waves of the Flowrider will remain the same! We are working on providing the place with more shade and hoping we could do it very soon so visitors can enjoy hanging out here even on rainy days ;)    
     And if you've never been here, it would be good to know that besides body boarding and flow boarding fun, you can take a dip in the swimming pools. Food and drinks are also available on the menu so hunger and thirst won't be an issue haha!

Our family soaking in the sun either in the pool or the Flowrider ;)

I had my post-birthday celebration here in the beginning of summer!
It was a great time with friends and even the kids
(the ones who reached the height limit that is) were able to try the Flowrider as well :)
Thanks to our friend Bing Avendano for preparing the yummiest food!
The kitchen then wasn't open yet since they were just about to launch Flow House Manila ;)
We would have gone hungry if not for her hahaha!
You can check out Patty's post here too (to see more photos and food pics ;D)

Here is a short video of the party ;)

Video by Kaki Tingzon of Thirty Six-O 

Here are photos of me and my husband at the exclusive media launch of Flow House Manila last March.
This turned out to be our date night ;)

Flow House Manila now.
You can relax and hang out with friends here (whether you're riding or not ;) )

Healthy drinks and frozen ones are also currently available at the bar.

Here's Audrey accompanying me on another one of my site meetings.
Natalie was busy with the mango shake so she didn't join the pic haha.
I didn't get to ride this time (all work, no play) but I'll be back again ;)

   Check out my previous post about Flow House Manila to see a bird's eye 
view of the site.

To learn more about Flow House Manila check out and

It's also best to reserve a slot if you plan to ride. Contact them at  0998 554 5035.

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