Friday, July 10, 2015

Mason Jar Terrarium

      Last summer, I had to come up with creative ideas to keep both girls busy at home. We did our short home school sessions together with arts and crafts and fun activities. A nice and simple one that I came across online was making your own mason jar terrarium - except I wanted it to be easy for kids to make and maintenance free. So instead of a live terrarium, we made a faux one! hehe! We used plastic plants, marble chips, and shells which the girls collected from the beach during our trips :) 

Here they are! Audrey's is the one on the left, and Natalie's is the one on the right.

      You can also make your own terrarium and place animal figures, miniature furniture and sand inside! These can also be displayed in your home as decor and can be your activity with the kids during days when the rain forces you to stay indoors! ;)

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