Monday, July 13, 2015

Mothers Who Brunch

     Mothers Who Brunch was a caption moms Mish and Sabrina came up with (instead of Ladies Who Lunch) and used to call this gathering of mommas who love to cook (and eat!). It was held at the Viking showroom in Alabang (no not the buffet resto!) and it was the perfect venue with its spacious interiors which include a working kitchen that can be rented out and an upstairs showroom for their modern kitchen appliance setup. 

View from the top!

Introductions! ;)

Ready to cook the recipe of our choice (I chose the pancake team! :9)

An assortment of yummy dips for our veggies

Chopping walnuts for our pancakes

These cottage cheese-mango pancakes were heavenly!
They weren't just delicious, but oh so fluffy!
I already re-created these at home the following weekend :)

The Kangkong and Kesong Puti Quiche
This was sooo good as well!

Busy busy!

The refreshing Pakwan Salad with sweet pili nuts!

Pinoy Breakfast Salad a.k.a. Adobo flakes with kesong puti and salted eggs salad!

Tomato-chorizo stew!
I tell you, my plate was full!

Oh and this heavenly HOMEMADE Vanilla Bean ice cream by Sabrina is a winner!
It has Salted Caramel Sauce bits! :9 I couldn't forget the taste!! hehe!
I can honestly say that it's the best vanilla bean ice cream I've tasted!
Unfortunately it isn't for sale! waahh!!!

Eagerly awaiting our turn to get from the brunch buffet!
(I was ready to get up as soon as the go signal was given haha)

The giveaways from Viking and other suppliers

Our take home basket filled with organic veggies from Holy Carabao

With the ladies behind Mothers Who Brunch - Mish and Sabrina, and Patty my sis in law.

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