Thursday, July 23, 2015

Potty Training: The Return of the Mini Potty

   Ah yes. It's that time again. Having a two year old means sooner or later potty training will have to begin.
   Not too long ago I potty trained my eldest and although it became easy in its final stages, the beginning wasn't a walk in the park. There were delays and circumstances that needed to be taken into consideration. A new sibling came in the midst of potty training and we were traveling too so all these changes had to be adjusted to before we could resume and have a more consistent schedule.
    With my second, using the potty began almost a year ago already - we would place her potty seat into the adult potty and let her pee and poop (though this one was more challenging) and she would more often than not gladly oblige. However, it stayed this way - she would use the big potty upon our recommendation, and sometimes would also say no (which is usually normal). So if I were to be honest, this was more like potty trying than potty training. 
    It is after all called potty training for a reason. Training requires consistency. Trying does not. Training requires discipline. Trying doesn't require you to follow through. Therefore, I had to first prepare myself again and plan my course of action. I had to come up with a better Training Plan.
It all begins with me. 

    Potty training is initiated by the trainer, not the trainee. I'm the coach so I need to establish a good and effective plan for my trainee to follow. So as soon as I knew I was ready, I began (and of course my toddler too, check out these signs of readiness). By being ready I mean being committed. Admittedly, since Natalie was still very young when we first made her try using the potty, there was no sense of urgency on my part. I didn't want to rush my toddler, and I didn't want to pressure myself either. So we put her in the potty whenever it was convenient and whenever we had the time. We still had her in diapers so we didn't worry if there was a bathroom emergency and we were too busy to take her to the potty.
    Enter the comeback of the mini potty. This was an essential part of my current Training Plan. I prepared our precious little potty, a hand-me-down from big sis. It's been sitting for a while in our bathroom, waiting for its seat to come back (because we've been using it for the big potty). Alas, the potty parts were reunited and I was ready to start.
    I showed Natalie how this mini potty works. Open the cover, pull down your pants and diapers and take a seat. Wait for the wee to come out and tell me the good report! Use it as often as you need.
    I started this last week and as expected, she kept volunteering to use the mini potty. And with delight! A successful wee in the potty would always bring a smile to her face - and she beams with pride as she reports her success. Yes, the mini potty trick worked like a charm :) 
   And when you think about it, who among us adults would find using a potty twice our size appealing? Certainly not me! Hahaha! So I put myself in my child's place. I wanted to use something that was:

1) proportionate to my size
2) easy to use that I can do it on my own without anyone having to help me
3) easy to get up from

       You just can't rush a little one into using the big potty - at least not my little one. It may be more convenient for me to have her use the big potty (no need to clean, just flush!). But this doesn't teach consistency and independence. So I had to adjust to my toddler's needs. Just one of the many gazillion adjustments that a mom or parent has to make for her kids! And with this in mind, I know potty training again won't be so hard as long as I have an effective plan in place ;)

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