Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Audrey's 5th: The Birthday Events

      Audrey's birthday fell on a Sunday and we really didn't plan for a big party. Instead we ended up with a 3-day celebration over the weekend which left us, the parents, all partied out! :o  Haha! Not really complaining but if you're a parent, I think you already know that even small gatherings can tire you out easily when it's done on 3 consecutive days! Both Audrey and Natalie had lots of fun, and of course so did we so no regrets! We super enjoyed as well! :)

The morning before her celebration in school :)

Audrey and her classmates had a blast in her simple pizza party!
Who knew preschoolers could eat so much pizza?! They kept
going back for seconds and thirds! :D

The next day, it was time for Audrey's Birthday Brunch at our bro/sis in laws' house!
They just had a baby and my sis in law was recovering from an operation
so we brought the party to them! Had so much fun cooking brunch with a bit
of Natalie's help hehe, and everyone else's! The brunch buffet was a good idea!

Natalie seems to love the pancakes we prepared!
Complete with rainbow sprinkles :)

The birthday girl opening her gifts!

Up, up and away!
Natalie pretending to be carried away by the balloons! :)

Family photo ;)
Cake star decor turned lollipop!

The girls spent the day eating, playing and enjoying the company of their baby cousins!

Time to blow out 5 colorful candles!

All smiles!

This fondant covered butter cake was superb!

On Audrey's actual birthday, we went out of town with ze grandparents.
It was a relaxing afternoon at the playground and the pool!

Birthday photo with dad and sis :)

Another year has passed and
my little girl is growing up so fast.

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