Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's Been a While

      Wow, it's been quite some time since I wrote an entry here :o I have been caught up with work, housework, schoolwork, and family life that time just passed by oh so quickly! So many things have happened from then till now, and would really like to share most of our experiences. I will try to do that little by little!

     One thing is for certain - the bigger my kids are getting, the more demand there is for my time - which I thought wasn't the case, but I guess I was wrong. Babies actually give you more breathing time. As soon as they doze off, you have some time on your hands. Not so with preschoolers! They now know how to ask and they won't stop until you give it! When they need your help or attention, the best thing to do is provide it. I have learned that if I wanted "me time" or if I have meetings to attend, I need to schedule it way ahead of time (and enlist the help of family members to watch the girls)... when I have to work at home, I need to do it during unholy hours (very early in the morning or late at night)... when I need to do house chores, I get the kids involved (like putting away dishes, sorting out laundry, packing away toys)... and most importantly, I need to lessen the amount of things that I'm doing! There's just enough hours in my day and by the time 6pm sets in, I admit that I'm already tired! I can't imagine how moms who have to take care of 5 kids, do house chores, and work from home do it! :D I guess enough energy is provided to those who need it! 

      My 3 year old is now climbing my chair as I type... this is my cue. Gotta go for now but will be back!!! ;)

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