Friday, January 29, 2016

The Prayer Jar

     We as a family originally started this Prayer Jar tradition as part of Advent two years ago, and continued it last Christmas. But because prayers are relevant all year round, each day, everyday - we have carried on this tradition to the new year, and past it. This jar contains all of our prayers - not just for us, but for family and friends. Each of us would write prayers in a colored piece of paper and place it inside this glass jar. We read them aloud together, return them in the jar, and pray them again until our prayers are answered.

Our Prayer Jar

Two years ago, we started filling up this jar with our prayers.

This year, we continue to place our prayers in it.

This is Audrey a few days ago writing her prayers - mostly prayers of thanksgiving - reading her prayer and getting another one from the jar.

     I find that this is a good way to involve children in prayer and teach them how to be specific in their prayers, and have expectant hearts that prayers written or lifted up will eventually be answered. It has also made me more diligent in not just praying, but writing my own prayers and setting aside time for this activity because the girls do request for it. I encourage you to try this as well and even make your own traditions as a family, and not just for Christmastime :)